Thursday, 22 January 2009

Customer Services Heaven!

Many of my regular readers may have noticed a serious lack of blog posts recently, no excuses of course, but …

… first it was Christmas with my folks in the Lakes, then my fella’s Birthday, then it was New Year in France with Mum, then I was ill and then my Computer temporarily died!!!

Anyway, I’m better now and so is my machine, blog holiday is over and here are a couple of posts I prepared earlier!! Enjoy :-)

31 Dec. 08

Sitting at Liverpool Airport with a five and a half hour delay on my flight to the little house in France, presents me with an interesting opportunity to catch up on my Blog writing!!

Firstly as a follow up to my previous posts regarding customer service, I feel bound to report an example of customer service excellence I recently experienced.

At the office we have the ability to take credit card payments from customers using an HSBC card terminal plugged into an analogue phone line. This works very well and allows us to take both large and small payments quickly and securely. However, shortly before the Christmas break I was due to take payment from a number of clients, but the terminal wouldn’t work. After a quick call to HSBC customer support we identified that the problem lay not with the terminal but with the phone line. Our supplier is NTL business, so I gave them a call and reported a fault on the line. The lady took the details and then provided me with a reference number and said that they would be in touch! To be completely honest I was sceptical, to say the very least!!

20 minutes later, much to my surprise I received a phone call from an engineer and to my complete astonishment he was outside the office in the street fixing the connection and asking me to try the line out!! 10 minutes later and the problem was solved and the phone line and credit card terminal all operational, brilliant!!

NTL business (owned by Virgin), provided polite, fast and efficient customer services, brilliant! Just how it should be :-)

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